The Just Church-Available October 8th!!

I, admittedly, am not much of a reader. It takes a book that is practical, readable, and truly engaging to get me to continue reading. I was SOLD starting with page one. I have been looking for a book like this! As the Founder of an anti-trafficking organization, we are have partnered with area Churches, encouraging them to engage in the work of Justice. After reading Jim Martins book, The Just Church, I am delighted to have the perfect road map that lays out the steps that ANY church can take.


They are accessible strategies that will help any Church respond to God’s call to seek Justice in their own communities. Jim also hits the nail on the head in regards to what ANYONE engaging in the work of Justice MUST do in order to engage safely. So many times it is not what we do but what we DON”T do that creates burn out. He explains the importance of supporters, spotters and “The miracle of rest.” He states that “To neglect rest in physical exercise is to invite injury and threaten the sustainability of the exercise program. No neglect rest in our life of faith is a far more serious matter”


I believe this book will be the catalyst that will move churches from well meaning intent to seek justice, to becoming ” risk-taking, justice-seeking, disciple-making congregations”!!


So..what are you waiting for??? Get your copy today!!

Sara Pomeroy

RJI Founder and Direcot

VA State Director, IJM