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Budget Cuts to TIP Report

The State Department issues a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report annually.  This report ranks countries according to their anti-trafficking efforts and urges other countries to improve on their efforts.  For example, the Philippines, a country where labor and sex trafficking are common, enhanced its efforts when faced with a possible demotion in the ranks on the TIP Report and possible loss of U.S. foreign assistance.

Such is only one example of how the TIP Report has encourages the leaders of countries around the world to open their eyes to human trafficking and put an end to the free reign traffickers have within their borders.  So why then was the TIP Office’s budget cut by Congress for this upcoming fiscal year?  With the success thus far, should there not be more money allocated toward fighting global trafficking?

To find out more, read International Justice Mission’s vice president for government relations Holly Burkhalter’s report.