Sex + Money Documentary Touches Hearts

Friday, September 2nd was a rough day for me. As much as I love raising awareness about trafficking, some days its rough to think about the awful things in the world.  That Friday night was one of those days. I just wanted to crawl up on my couch and watch a mindless show on T.V.  With those thoughts in mind, I felt the need to take a little time by myself before the show to pray and focus my energy on what we were doing on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus that night.  The thing that is easy to forget in this fight against Human Trafficking, is that even though all the phone calls, emails, and meetings we have can at times seem mundane, at the end of the day we are taking a stand against evil and giving a voice to those that don’t have one. We also have the opportunity with each event to impart passion and knowledge to our audience.  That is by no means mundane, it is the catalyst to a movement that is changing the world….. With my new found outlook on the premier, I was excited and expectant to see what God would do! It was amazing to see how many students showed up on a Friday night to watch this documentary. Most Friday nights in college aren’t spent in this manner. But people continued to pack the small hallway of the theater as they took a minute to check out the merchandise and information on our tables.  As the movie started, I was impressed by how well done it was, the Sex and Money team did a phenomenal job portraying child trafficking in the U.S. It was bold and complex as they interviewed expert after expert in the field. They even gave a platform to protesters that felt prostitution should be legalized in our country.  One of my favorite parts of the film was near the end, where they discussed each of their personal takes on the issue after spending so much time entrenched in this dark world. It was helpful to see that even though we are all in the fight against injustice, each of us still has a different opinion about our approach. It was one of my favorite documentaries thus far!  The panel after the movie comprised of: Erin Kulpa from the Attorney General’s office, Major Drew from the Richmond Police Department, Delegate Watts and Sara Pomeroy founder of RJI, was extremely informative and the perfect way to wrap up the night. I walked into the Commons Theater that night feeling overwhelmed at the thought of sitting through another documentary. I walked out feeling hopeful that not only had we empowered the audience to get involved and do something, but we also helped give a voice to a child that will be rescued and have a place to go and receive real help.  Seventy-five percent of the proceeds from the film go to Streetlight, an aftercare facility in Phoenix AZ that helps breathe life into broken children.  – Lea Whitehurst