Sara Speaks Before WEAG’s Eighteen22

In late January, Sara Pomeroy spoke at West Assembly of Gods’ (WEAG) college ministry, Eighteen22, on the difficult topic of human trafficking. Sara kicked it off with sharing her testimony of how God showed her His heart for the victims of the second largest criminal industry in the world, the trafficking of human beings. The simple statement the Lord spoke into her life after hearing the devastating statistics of human trafficking was, “You must respond to what you just heard.” Sara took these words to heart and, without looking back, ran with them.

Sara started praying unceasingly that God would give her the “blue prints” for her role in the justice movement, and God gave her a vision fo Richmond Justice Initiative. Through partnering with other organizations, awareness has been heightened in the Richmond area and several arrests and rescues have taken place! RJI is now striving to bring awareness, education, prevention, advocacy, and aftercare to Richmond City in the name of Jesus through their many volunteers. In the words of Sara, “God’s plan to end this injustice is us….there really is no Plan B…we are it!”

During the time our group had with Sara, she spoke on something that I think we all need to be reminded of every day: the foundation for justice is prayer. I think we underestimate the power and importance of prayer too often and forget that prayer brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, which means that prayer brings the justice of the Almighty God to earth!

That night, we ended up praying for a good thirty minutes as a response to the terrifying, heart wrenching, and tear jerking information Sara brought to us. Pouring out to the Lord our hearts and passion about this unjust world, sixty college age students took a step of faith and asked God, “What can I do?”, and “What is my place?” God is giving each one of us our very own “blue print”. I know that as we seek Him, He will shine on us and make us radiant (Psalm 34:5). RJI is just a piece of the grand puzzle that God has made. I am excited to see how he continues to use His people to bring justice to this broken world. “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.” (Amos 5:24) – Heather Tobey, RJI Volunteer Staff