RJI Founder Raising Full Time Support

Can you believe that exactly 3 years ago, a podcast took me on a “detour” that led to an encounter with God, giving rise to an incredible calling to“proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners” as Isaiah says we are all anointed to do? I know so many of you have been on this detour with me since the VERY beginning and have seen God’s faithfulness and divine hand in it all!

First, I would like to thank you for your continued support of my work with RJI through prayer, attending events and financial donations. Over the past 3 years, I have seen God provide RJI with opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined. None of that would have happened if it weren’t for people like YOU!

Second, I would like to convey the excitement with which I am writing to you.  After much prayer and guidance, I am nearing the time to leave my current job to be a full-time missionary, allowing me to minister full-time with RJI!!

The need both around the world and in my own backyard is too great for me not to go full-time working for RJI.  I can’t take the chance when there might be a young girl suffering in slavery because I wouldn’t leave my job. Sure, quitting my job might not help her tomorrow, but if I could put my full energy into this vision, who knows what the future might hold for that little girl!  I have to do it.  I simply need to trust God.

Beginning this new chapter in the story that God is writing is not just about me. This chapter needs YOU in it! By the grace of God, I have already raised 60% of my budget, and I trust the rest will come in by September 9th with your help!

Here is what is needed:

·        8 People to make a $25 a month commitment.

·        8 People to make a $50 a month commitment.

·        8 People to make a $100 a month commitment.

·        These commitments can also be done as part of a small group.

With your support, I will be able to:

Become a more available and effective agent…

·   In General Assembly, through the Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking, advocating   legislation that will prosecute traffickers and buyers, and provide safety for victims.

·   As a Virginia State Advocate for International Justice Mission.

·   As director of RJI, continuing our mission to educate,equip and mobilize communities with the tools needed to join the global movement to end human trafficking.

·   As a supporter of the Virginia Beach/Shenandoah Valley Justice Initiatives (started in 2010) and with any additional cities that will stand up to create their own Justice Initiatives!

·  As a speaker at various events to bring the message of God’s heart for the oppressed, the importance of prayer and encourage the Church’s paramount involvement in this movement.

What YOU will get by supporting me:

·  You will receive regular updates, invitations to events, prayer requests and blogs about the work I am doing that will bring you to a better understanding of the issue.

·   With this information my prayer & hope is that you will be encouraged and mobilized to help in the fight to end slavery.

·   The knowledge that you ARE involved in the battle to end slavery.



The Next Step:

Will you join me in this new chapter?  Will you be a part of the story to help end slavery?

If the answer is YES! then email me at pomeroysara@gmail.com stating the following:

Sara! I would like to support you in the following ways:

____ I want to receive regular prayer updates so I can be covering you in prayer.

____ I commit to support you monthly in the amount of $___.

____ I will ask my Pastor to have you as a guest missionary speaker at my church.

____ I commit to a onetime support of $___.

THANK you for listening to my story and for being a part of the movement to end slavery!  I look forward to hearing from each of you.


Sara Lynn Pomeroy

Missionary, World Horizons


RJI Founder and Director