We are excited to be able to sell ethically made products for the purposes of spreading awareness and raising funds for us here at RJI.


Each donation for merchandise goes to further RJI’s mission to educate, equip and mobilize communities with the tools needed to be a force in the global movement to end human trafficking. Every piece of merchandise also directs people to the Prevention Project website, where they can watch our mini-documentary to learn about teen human trafficking and what they can do to make a difference.

How to Purchase:

  • As you look at the merchandise below, be sure to notate the specifics of what you’d like to order before you go to check out.
  • Visit https://richmondjusticeinitiative.com/donate.
  • From there, choose ‘one time donation’ and enter the amount you would like to donate that corresponds with the total price of the items you would like to purchase. The minimum amount will be your total purchase price, but if you desire to donate more, please feel free to do so! 
  • In the section on the page titled “Notes”, please specify the type and quantity of the item(s) you would like to purchase. For the t-shirts, please indicate which type (“Abolitionist” or “X”), what style (Crew Neck or V-Neck) and what size you will need (S-XXXL).
  • If you purchase the Abolitionist Package, please also be sure to indicate what type, style, and size of t-shirt you will need.

Shipping is included in all the prices listed below.


V-Neck "X" | $25
V-Neck “X” | $25


V-Neck "Abolitionist" | $25
V-Neck “Abolitionist” | $25


Crew Neck "X" | $25
Crew Neck “X” | $25


Crew Neck "Abolitionist" | $25
Crew Neck “Abolitionist” | $25


Canvas Bag | $20
Canvas Bag | $20


X Sticker | $3
X Sticker | $3


X Sticker 10 Pack | $22
X Sticker 10 Pack | $22


Abolitionist Package | T-shirt of your choice, Canvas Bag, X Sticker, Bracelet | $44
Abolitionist Package | T-shirt of your choice, Canvas Bag, X Sticker, Bracelet | $44