Richmond Justice Initiative believes that in order to eradicate human trafficking, the selling of human beings for profit, we must educate young people on the lures of trafficking and invest in character and leadership development so that human trafficking situations are prevented from occurring and to create and equip young leaders to bring a lasting change for their generation, our communities, and beyond.

About the Program

With an estimated nearly 36 million victims across the globe, with 100,000-300,000 child victims in the United States alone, and with a median age of entry of U.S. victims at 11-14 years old, human trafficking currently stands as the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world. The Prevention Project® program stands in the midst of this tragedy with a powerful response: to prevent and end human trafficking. The Prevention Project program is a 6 lesson curriculum taught in middle and high schools. The interactive program focuses on educating students on the issues of human trafficking locally and globally, developing healthy self-awareness and boundaries, strengthening character, and fostering leadership amongst the students. The Prevention Project program equips students with knowledge of the facts and lures of trafficking affecting their generation and empowers students to be abolitionists, to lead their generations in the fight against human trafficking and to be the ones who see the final demise of modern day slavery.

Who We Are

The Prevention Project curriculum was developed by Richmond Justice Initiative, a grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, equip, and mobilize communities to be a force in the global movement to end human trafficking. Furthermore, the Prevention Project curriculum was developed and produced by a committed group of human trafficking survivors, educators, and advocates from leading anti-trafficking organizations who have a passion to act against the perils of human trafficking, and who believe that if change is going to happen, it must begin with the young generations.

Some of the leaders of this team include:

Shared Hope International
International Justice Mission
Richmond Justice Initiative
Holly Austin Smith, Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Author of Walking Prey
Rebecca Bender, Human Trafficking Survivor Leader
Chris Campbell, Generation Freedom
Tim Matthews
Sex+Money documentary
Members of FBI and law enforcement


“The Prevention Project is an excellent opportunity to teach students about an issue that’s plaguing their generation and empower them to help stop it. By equipping tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge to make a difference, we are curbing one of the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprises.” | Elizabeth Scaife, Director of Training, Shared Hope International

“The Prevention Project has made me reconsider my priorities and has inspired me to want to help people in the future. I felt a part of something truly important and rewarding, and I want to continue that.” | Prevention Project Student

The Prevention Project leads the way in addressing the injustice of modern-day slavery with the next generation. Students are not only educated in the facts of human trafficking, but they are equipped to immediately join the modern day abolitionist movement and empowered to intentionally influence positive change both now and as they transition into legal adulthood.” | Chris Campbell, Founder of Generation Freedom

“Prevention education is one of the biggest parts of fighting human trafficking especially because traffickers target teens and preteens, so youth need to know what to expect and what to be looking out for.”  | Holly Smith, Human Trafficking Survivor and Author

“Absolutely every school in the country should learn about human trafficking through the Prevention Project or a similar program! With knowledge real progress can be made in the fight against slavery. Raising awareness and mobilizing students to take action is so important!” | Prevention Project Student

“Human trafficking is a huge issue: look at the stats, look at the figures – it affects young people. As with anything that affects young people, it is our job as a country, as a society, as a community, and as teachers to educate them about that.” | Colleen Savino, Teacher, Hermitage High School

“We need this program in every school in America, because that’s where the traffickers are. If you are a student, if you are a teacher, if you are a principal, you can help bring this curriculum to your school in your area. Also, if you are an investor or if you are a business owner, we need continued funding to make this program happen in other schools. Join us in reaching students – before they become a victim, before they become a buyer, before they become a trafficker – and creating abolitionists out of them instead!” | Sara Pomeroy, Founder & Director, Richmond Justice Initiative

Interest & Contact

For more information on getting the Prevention Project program into your community schools, please contact our Director of Prevention Education, Jessica Willis, at jessica@rvaji.com and check out the Prevention Project website for more information. We are continually looking for volunteer abolitionists. From school teachers to parents, from newly-graduated to newly-entered high school, from businesses to sponsors: there is a place for you on the Prevention Project action team. We are confident that you can be an invaluable partner in a movement that brings justice, freedom, and healing to victims of slavery. Please get in contact with us today, so we can match your greatest talents and gifts with our greatest needs.

Full-length mini-documentary about the Prevention Project curriculum:

The Prevention Project from Well Done Creative on Vimeo.

Commercial-length video about the Prevention Project curriculum:

Prevention Project from Prevention Project on Vimeo.