Heroes of the War on Injustice

In recent news from around the country we’ve seen men and women stepping up to defend freedom for all people. There is justice happening in our world, and we have hero’s to thank for doing their part to bring freedom to the oppressed. These are just two cases that we have been able to celebrate recently.

Memphis, TN:Memphis has recently been a hot-spot for illegal immigration of young Mexican girls who are brought in solely for the selling of their bodies in brothel’s. Four Federal Officials have been honored for their part in the fight for justice for these girls and bringing this trafficking ring into the light. See the article below for a full report.

Boulder, CO:A restaurant owner in Boulder has recently been charged with numerous immigration, trafficking and tax-evasion crimes and faces a severe penalty including prison time and forfeiture of property. The man who is originally from Thailand has a track record of dealing in human-trafficking and abusing the rights of others. Authorities chose to not overlook this and have successfully defended the rights of these men and women. Read this article for further details about the case and exactly what agents from ICE are saying about freedom.

Boulder Justice