FACE Wraps Up for the Year

Monday, June 13, 2011 was the last Falcons Against Child Exploitation (FACE) monthly meeting at Fairfield Middle School for the school year. A human trafficking survivor was courageous enough to share her testimony with the students and several parents, which allowed the audience to further comprehend the depth of human trafficking and the consequences it has on victims from one perspective.

Overall, FACE has proven to be one of RJI’s most unique programs. It has given today’s youth a chance to educate themselves about modern slavery or human trafficking, and thus, inspire a generation to become abolitionists themselves. As many of you may know, the most targeted age group for traffickers to exploit is from 11 to 14. Therefore, implementing programs like FACE throughout middle schools, which students encompass the targeted age, is increasingly crucial.

I was blessed to be a leader in the FACE program this past school year. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with children and introduce dynamic learning tools to reach them such as inviting various speakers and showing constructive videos. In turn, the youth work equally as hard to spread their lessons about human trafficking to their schools and homes and brainstorm ideas on how to become even more involved this summer. We hope that the program empowers the children to believe that people can make a difference at any age. We are very proud of the kids involved this past semester and we look forward to expanding the program not only within the school, but to other schools as well.

-Kourtney H.