Cosmopolitan Features Human Trafficking and RJI

Cosmopolitan magazine featured an article on sex trafficking in their August issue, released in mid-July.  Thanks to Sara Pomeroy’s recommendation to the writer, my story was included along with two other women, Minh Dang and Carissa Phelps.  Minh and Carissa are both strong survivors and pioneers in the plight against human trafficking.  It was an honor to be featured with them. According to Wikipedia, Cosmopolitan magazine has “sixty-three international editions worldwide” and is “published in thirty-four languages with distribution in more than one hundred countries making Cosmopolitan the largest-selling young women’s magazine in the world.”  This article will certainly raise awareness to human trafficking in the United States and abroad.  A link to RJI’s website was included in the article and I’m excited to see what new opportunities this will bring!  Since this issue was released, I have been asked to speak at the University of Pennsylvania, and I was invited to sit on a panel of speakers at the Capitol in DC.  The panel will be speaking in a congressional hearing on the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA).  Sara and RJI volunteers, thanks so much for your support and fierce dedication to the anti-trafficking mission!    –Holly Smith