RJI is a non-profit, equal-opportunity, Christian faith-based organization that works locally and nationally to eradicate human trafficking.  Our mission is to educate, equip and mobilize communities with the tools needed to be a force in the global movement to end human trafficking.  We are committed to engaging, equipping, and protecting the communities we serve through In-Depth Trainings, speaking engagements, church mobilization, consulting, and educating at-risk youth about human trafficking through our nationally award-winning Prevention Project™ program. 

We are hope-bearers who believe that preventing and ending human trafficking is possible.  As a thought-leader, we provide, meet, and exceed the highest standards of human trafficking education solutions.  Our approach is informed by prayer and a high regard for human dignity and respect for every person.  We greatly value partnership because it takes all of us to end human trafficking. Together, we are a network of Modern-Day Abolitionists. 

Our values are excellence, hope, leadership, community, responsibility, and prayer.  RJI has a positive and growth-oriented organizational culture.  We work hard together as a team and value celebration.  We aim to provide professional excellence to all whom we serve.  Motivated by God’s heart for the oppressed as evidenced through Biblical principles, we work as unto the Lord, which is foundational to our mission, goals and the results we achieve.


Equal Opportunity:
RJI is committed to building its workforce through fair and equitable employment practices. RJI believes there is strength in diversity and encourages people of any race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability to apply for employment.  The status of RJI as an equal-opportunity employer does not prevent the organization from hiring staff based on their religious beliefs so that all staff share the same religious commitment which is central to RJI’s mission, values, and each staff’s responsibilities. As a Christian faith-based organization, RJI has the legal right under SEC. 2000e-1 [Section702] of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Virginia Code Section 2.2-3905.E of the Virginia Human Rights Act, to require that all employees practice a mature Christian faith, in alignment with the Apostles’ Creed.


  • Generous PTO package for all employees
  • Excellent opportunities for professional development
  • Weekly team time and prayer
  • Flexibility in work schedule. 

Work Format:

During the pandemic, the RJI team is working remotely. We have a physical RJI office where local employees have meetings and work multiple days per week during non-COVID times. Once it is safe and advisable to do so, we will return to the RJI office for multiple days in the week while maintaining a few days each week for remote work, per the needs of the organization

Open Positions:

There are currently no job openings.