advocacy-image-1024x791Virginia’s General Assembly 2014 session has officially come to a close! We at RJI are celebrating the WINS that came out of session and wanted to invite you to celebrate with us! 

The FOUR pieces of legislation passed will not only provide tougher penalties for traffickers and buyers, but will also provide law enforcement with additional tools to enhance their investigations. All of these bills are now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Patrons: Delegate Bell and Senator Obenshain
HB 235 / SB 454: Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry Act. Adds those who try to purchase sex from a minor to the Sex Offender Registry. This bill creates a strong deterrent for buyers and will help end the demand that fuels sex trafficking.

Patron: Delegate Hugo
HB 485: Administrative subpoena for electronic communication service or remote computing service records. Allows for administrative subpoenas in human trafficking investigations. This bill provides law enforcement with more tools to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking quickly.

Patron: Delegate Bell
HB 660: Asset forfeiture for perpetrators. Seizes the assets and profits from traffickers accrue in their criminal activity. This bill creates a strong deterrent for traffickers from entering into the human trafficking industry.

Patron: Senator Obenshain
SB 654: Model Policy Training for Law Enforcement. Creates a model policy on human trafficking for law enforcement. This bill will help law enforcement identify victims and investigate human trafficking cases.

We believe that these bills are all steps in advancing the fight against modern day slavery in our state. Thanks to YOUR support, Virginia is one step closer to becoming a slave free state. We will continue to update you on our advocacy initiatives, and feel free to contact us concerning ways you would like to help!

When I was first elected, I had no idea that human trafficking happened in Virginia. It only took one passionate constituent to open my eyes and to turn me into an advocate as well.” – Delegate David Bulova