2012 Bills Signed by the by the 2013 House and Senate of the General Assembly:


Patrons: Senator Ebbin & Delegte Watts
SB 259 / HB 1188:
Human trafficking; information for public schools.  Requires the Board of Education, with assistance from the Department of Social Services, to provide awareness and training materials for local school division staff on human trafficking, including strategies for the prevention of trafficking of children.

Patron: Delegate Bulova
HB 1200:
Human Trafficking Hotline; posted notices. Provides that adult entertainment establishments (e.g. strip clubs) post a notice of the existence of a human trafficking hotline to alert potential victims of human trafficking of the availability of assistance.

Patron: Delegate Comstock
HB 546:
Crimes by gangs. Includes within the definition of “predicate criminal act” the offenses of the taking or detaining of any person into a place for the purpose of prostitution and the receiving of money from earnings of any person engaged in prostitution.

Thank you for all of your support during the 2012 session!