2011 Bills Signed by the by the 2013 House and Senate of the General Assembly:

3Patron: Delegate Hugo
HB 1898:
Abduction; forced labor or services. An update to statutes prohibiting “abduction” and “receiving money for procuring person” to include provisions targeting pimps, traffickers, and others in the distribution chain.

Patron: Senator Newman
SB 1453:
Department of Criminal Justice Services; Human Trafficking. Provides that the Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Attorney General’s office develop a curriculum and provide training for law enforcement to combat human trafficking.

Patron: Delegate Ebbin (currently Senator Ebbin)
HB 2190:
Department of Social Services; plan for the provision of services to victims of human trafficking. Provides that the Department of Social Services develop a plan for the delivery of services to the victims of human trafficking.

Thank you for all of your support during the 2011 session!